pühapäev, oktoober 03, 2010


Kuna teema on õhus, siis lisan veel ühe toreda arvamuse Ameerika fotograafilt Kathleen Connally'lt:

Camera Settings & Post-Processing

My digital photography has evolved over the years. I've gone from wild post-processing experimentation with Photoshop (which was fun at the beginning, I admit) toward a distaste for post-work beyond basic darkroom adjustments.

With digital photo "perfection" available to anyone with a computer, I prefer the more traditional challenge of relying upon and improving my photographic skills versus post- processing skills. My goal is to put the cameras and lenses to work to take very real, thoughtful, interesting, thought-provoking and sometimes beautiful photographic documents, and to spend less than two minutes post-processing any single image. I prefer to work behind the lens, not in front of a monitor.

I shoot in RAW+JPEG format, always in manual mode, and use Photoshop CS4 to increase/decrease contrast with the Curves Adjustment tool. Unless noted, all cropping is done in-camera. Detailed EXIF and other photograph information can be found in the "Photo Info & Viewer Comments" section near the bottom right of each photo.

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