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Kas fotodokumentasioon on surnud?

Leidsin ühe põneva artikli, millest tegin copy+paste otse blogisse. Päris artiklile pääsete ligi päises oleva lingi abil. Pildistage rohkem ka fotolugusid ja jagage neid teistega.

Is photodocumentary dead ???

If you look at the international press, there is every day less magazines publishing photodocumentaries, and those who still do it will attribute them a lot less space than once have. But there is always more photographers that want to show what they see.

Most of the times, nowadays, documentary shows you portraits. Editors will say it helps the reader to identificate.. blablablaa… but these portraits can also be a fantastic anthropologic tool to describe for future generation our society.. so i would say, photodocumentary is not dead.. it’s just changing..

Julian Germain is a photographer I discovered at Photoespaña 2009, and his work really had an impact on me. The photos of the classrooms were exposed with statistics from students all over the world.. i’ve learnt a lot in this exhibition room.. so yes, i would say, portraits could be a new way to inform..

More to see with the captions on his website http://www.juliangermain.com, where you can also check his “generation” work .. as well as all the others.. This guy is a photography passionate as we all are here, and his own projects, as well as the ones he has been collaborating with are incredible… his way of using photography is so interesting…

Photodocumentary might not be dead !!!! what do you think?

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